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Postal Address PO Box 314, Nowra NSW 2541
Physical Address 5 McGrath Avenue, Nowra NSW 2541
Phone Number 02 4421 0730
Fax 02 4423 6960
Email swhc@swhc.org.au



Geographical Area Covered Shoalhaven
Disability Access Limited – please contact us for more detailed information.
Childcare Facilities No
Other Information Shoalhaven Women’s Health Centre is a community based, not for profit organisation that has existed for over 20 years providing a range of holistic health services to women from a feminist framework. Our vision is for a peaceful and equitable society where all women are empowered, respected and enjoy optimum health and wellbeing. Known for our supportive, friendly, professional, caring and confidential approach, we have a wonderful team of qualified and experienced staff. Services offered at the Shoalhaven Women’s Health Centre include:

  • counselling
  • massage
  • herbal medicine
  • a Women’s Health Nurse
  • pregnancy and termination information and support
  • workshop on a range of issue
  • information and referral
  • groups and activities (e.g., yoga and meditation

We are open Monday to Thursday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. We close for lunch between 12:30pm and 1:30pm.

Counselling The Shoalhaven Women’s Health Centre offers counselling on a wide variety of issues including depression, anxiety, grief, sexual assault, stress, parenting, sexuality, relationships and other experiences.
Medical & Complementary Services The Women’s Health Nurse has a weekly clinic where women can access a range of services including pap smears; breast checks; diaphragm fitting; and education/ information on a variety of issues including contraception, PMS, menopause, sexually transmitted infections and hormone replacement therapy. Therapeutic and remedial massage is also available 2 days per week, and our herbalist service may include iris diagnosis, herbal remedies, vitamin and mineral therapies, and information and advice on nutrition.
Groups The Shoalhaven Women’s Health Centre runs a range of day and half day workshops on a variety of topics – please see our website for further information. Many of these workshops also include a self-care session, which may involve relaxation, meditation, nutrition information, and aromatherapy, self-massage and gentle exercise. Our workshops are also renowned for their nutritious and delicious food! The Centre also has a program of yoga and meditation classes – please give us a call to find out current dates. Meditation provides an opportunity to allow thoughts and emotions to surface while we observe them with detached awareness. Burying emotions traps our energy and creates more stress, acknowledging and accepting them liberates energy, calms the mind and reduces stress. There are many forms of meditation techniques and all are designed (through practice) to bring the mind into one-pointed concentration.Yoga is the union of mind and body. Yoga practices allow us to take responsibility for our physical, emotional and spiritual heath; and assist us to gain greater insight into how we move, breathe, think and feel. Postures (asanas) bring our awareness into body alignment, areas of strength and weaknesses. Breathing exercises release tension, replenish energy and calm the mind, nerves and emotions. Relaxation is possibly the most vital element in healing because it releases muscle tension and calms the mind. Body and mind surrender to the stillness and peace of relaxation.
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The Centre can provide information and resources to women on a wide range of health issues including pregnancy, termination, menopause, PMT, depression and anxiety, sexuality, parenting, grief and loss, sexual assault, relationships, nutrition and more!
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