Women’s Health NSW Database

Women’s Health NSW has developed a database system that recognises a holistic and feminist approach in health care using a Microsoft Access software platform. Eighteen Women’s Health Centres currently use the WHNSW Women’s Health Database on a daily basis. Other centres, such as NSW Rape Crisis Centre who use sophisticated encrypted web based data base, forward their information for inclusion in WHNSW Statewide Statistical Chart Summaries (WHNSW Annual Reports). Waminda also has a separate purpose built database.


The WHNSW Database, an integrated client management and statistical collection system. enhances the capacity of Women’s Health Centres in their own evaluation processes, improves client management systems and provides a statewide view of women’s health issues in order to monitor trends and to inform planning and policy development.

The Women’s Health NSW Database capacities:

  • Client Management: Demographics
  • Service Management: Client Contact, Date, Mode of Service, Practitioner Type and Funding Source, Identified Health Issues, Services Provided and Referral Links and Follow Up/Recall Module
  • Group Programs: Date, Type, Participant and Session numbers
  • Data Reporting: Client Demographics, Practitioner Contacts, Presenting Health Issues, Services Provided, Contact Mode, Group Report.
  • Personnel Directory: Staff, Management, Members and Volunteers
  • Health Worker and Organisation Directory.