What’s Health Got To Do With It?

Presentations and Papers

Professor Helen Keleher Public Policy and Gender Analysis

Emily Howie Safe Access to Abortion

Dr Matt Fisher Social Determinants of Health in Australian Health Policy

Dr Tessa Boyd-Caine Health Justice Partnerships



The Women’s Health Sector Model of Service Delivery in NSW Australia

Nurse practitioner (NP) led care: Cervical screening practices and experiences of women attending a women’s health centre

Trauma-Informed Care in General Practice at Blue Mountains Women’s Health Centre and Resource Centre



Joint Submission – Review of Victims Rights and Support Act – 2022 (PDF 241kb)

WHNSW Pre-Budget Submission Investing in Women’s Health – 2022-23 (PDF 1mb)

WHNSW Pre-Budget Submission Sexual, Domestic & Family Violence (SDFV) Healthcare Pathways for Women 2022-23 (PDF 333kb)

WHNSW Submission Standing Committee Inquiry into Domestic and Family Violence 2020 (PDF 784kb)

WHNSW Submission Joint Select Committee Religious Freedoms Bill 2020 (PDF 807kb)

WHNSW Submission Coercive Control Legislation 2021 (PDF 872kb)

WHNSW Submission Crimes Legislation Offences Against Pregnant Women Bill 2020 (PDF 232kb)

WHNSW Submission to Grant Management Improvement Program Taskforce – September 2012 (PDF 653kb)

WHNSW Submission NSW Health NGO Program Review – November 2009 (PDF 155kb)

WHNSW Submission to Commonwealth Government on the New National Women’s Health Policy – July 2009 (PDF 316kb)

AWHN Submission to Commonwealth Government on the New National Women’s Health Policy – July 2009 (PDF 309kb)



Framework for Abortion Access in NSW (PDF 1285kb)

Principles of Women’s Health Care (PDF 438kb)

WHNSW Response to NSW Domestic & Family Violence Strategic Framework Discussion Paper (PDF 271kb)

AWHN Women’s Health New National Agenda, Position Paper March 2008 (PDF 838kb)



Domestic Violence Factsheet (PDF 159kb)

Privacy Policy Statement (PDF 352kb)


WHNSW Strategic Plan

WHNSW Strategic Plan 2021-2023 



Women’s Heath NSW Brochure (PDF 324kb)


Annual Reports

2021-2022 WHNSW Annual Report

2020-2021 WHNSW Annual Report

2019-2020 WHNSW Annual Report

2018-2019 WHNSW Annual Report

2017-2018 WHNSW Annual Report

2016-2017 WHNSW Annual Report

2015-2016 WHNSW Annual Report

2014-2015 WHNSW Annual Report

2013-2014 WHNSW Annual Report


News and Articles

NEWS ALERT – Cairns gynaecologists Caroline de Costa and Michael Carrette to cease medical abortion (PDF 30kb)



Looking After Me Project Resources Kit

History – The Sydney Women’s Liberation Movement 1970 – 1975 (PDF 331kb)