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Postal Address PO Box 555, Drummoyne NSW 2047
Physical Address  
Phone Number (Admin) 02 8585 0333 (Counselling) 1800 385 578
Fax 02 9555 5911
Email info@fullstop.org.au



Geographical Area Covered Australia wide
Disability Access No
Childcare Facilities No
Other Information  

NSW Sexual Violence Helpline provides 24/7 telephone and online crisis counselling for anyone in Australia who has experienced or is at risk of sexual assault, family or domestic violence and their non offending supporters. The organisation also provides counselling for women who were sexually assaulted in childhood from Women’s Health Centres across NSW. The counselling numbers are:

NSW Sexual Violence Helpline – 1800 424 017 For anyone in NSW impacted by sexual assault (including friends, families and supporters). Available 24/7.

Sexual Abuse and Redress Support Service – 1800 211 028 For adult survivors of childhood institutional sexual abuse. Supporting anyone accessing the Redress Scheme and alternative compensation. Available 24/7.

Sexual, Domestic and Family Violence Helpline – 1800 943 539 For anyone in Australia whose life has been impacted by domestic or family violence. Available 24/7.

Rainbow Sexual, Domestic and Family Violence Helpline – 1800 497 212 For anyone from the LGBTIQ+ community whose life has been impacted by sexual domestic and/or family violence. Available 24/7.

Medical & Complementary Services No
Groups Online
Culturally Specific Services Aboriginal Women’s Sexual Assault Network
Pamphlets, stickers, training programs.
NSW Sexual Violence Helpline